This page contains most of the art I could read from the game files. Full partner art is only available in the normal state, because like and love patch a little box over the face, and I could not automate a program to do that. Portraits came in all three states so you can see them that way. It should be noted that portraits are transparent, and I have drawn a solid background similar to the color you would see behind them in-game.

Full ArtEdit

Fairy Normal
FairyPlus Normal
Slime Normal
SlimePlus Normal
WillOWisp Normal
WillOWispPlus Normal
Harpy Normal
HarpyPlus Normal
Rabbit Normal
RabbitPlus Normal
Scorpion Normal
ScorpionPlus Normal
Yeti Normal
YetiPlus Normal
Chimera Normal
ChimeraPlus Normal
Skeleton Normal
SkeletonPlus Normal
Zombie Normal
ZombiePlus Normal
Doll Normal
DollPlus Normal
Ghost Normal
GhostPlus Normal
Cockatrice Normal
CockatricePlus Normal
Gargoyle Normal
GargoylePlus Normal
Lamia Normal
LamiaPlus Normal
Golem Normal
GolemPlus Normal
Mimic Normal
MimicPlus Normal
Elemental Normal
ElementalPlus Normal
Wyvern Normal
WyvernPlus Normal
Minotaur Normal
MinotaurPlus Normal
Seiren Normal
SeirenPlus Normal
DarkElf Normal
DarkElfPlus Normal
Succubus Normal
SuccubusPlus Normal
Medusa Normal
MedusaPlus Normal
Cyclops Normal
CyclopsPlus Normal
DeathKnight Normal
DeathKnightPlus Normal
Demon Normal
DemonPlus Normal
Sabori Normal
SaboriPlus Normal
Vampire Normal
Phoenix Normal
Dragon Normal
Seraph Normal
Valkyrie Normal
Kyonshi Normal
KyonshiPlus Normal
KillerBee Normal
KillerBeePlus Normal
SnowPrincess Normal
SnowPrincessPlus Normal
SeraphPlus Normal
Character FS DE
Character FS HG
Character FS SD
Character FS TH
Character FS EM
Illust 5000Clear KR


Fairy Normal P
Fairy Like P
Fairy Love P
FairyPlus Normal P
FairyPlus Like P
FairyPlus Love P
Slime Normal P
Slime Like P
Slime Love P
SlimePlus Normal P
SlimePlus Like P
SlimePlus Love P
WillOWisp Normal P
WillOWisp Like P
WillOWisp Love P
WillOWispPlus Normal P
WillOWispPlus Like P
WillOWispPlus Love P
Harpy Normal P
Harpy Like P
Harpy Love P
HarpyPlus Normal P
HarpyPlus Like P
HarpyPlus Love P
Rabbit Normal P
Rabbit Like P
Rabbit Love P
RabbitPlus Normal P
RabbitPlus Like P
RabbitPlus Love P
Scorpion Normal P
Scorpion Like P
Scorpion Love P
ScorpionPlus Normal P
ScorpionPlus Like P
ScorpionPlus Love P
Yeti Normal P
Yeti Like P
Yeti Love P
YetiPlus Normal P
YetiPlus Like P
YetiPlus Love P
Chimera Normal P
Chimera Like P
Chimera Love P
ChimeraPlus Normal P
ChimeraPlus Like P
ChimeraPlus Love P
Skeleton Normal P
Skeleton Like P
Skeleton Love P
SkeletonPlus Normal P
SkeletonPlus Like P
SkeletonPlus Love P
Zombie Normal P
Zombie Like P
Zombie Love P
ZombiePlus Normal P
ZombiePlus Like P
ZombiePlus Love P
Doll Normal P
Doll Like P
Doll Love P
DollPlus Normal P
DollPlus Like P
DollPlus Love P
Ghost Normal P
Ghost Like P
Ghost Love P
GhostPlus Normal P
GhostPlus Like P
GhostPlus Love P
Cockatrice Normal P
Cockatrice Like P
Cockatrice Love P
CockatricePlus Normal P
CockatricePlus Like P
CockatricePlus Love P
Gargoyle Normal P
Gargoyle Like P
Gargoyle Love P
GargoylePlus Normal P
GargoylePlus Like P
GargoylePlus Love P
Lamia Normal P
Lamia Like P
Lamia Love P
LamiaPlus Normal P
LamiaPlus Like P
LamiaPlus Love P
Golem Normal P
Golem Like P
Golem Love P
GolemPlus Normal P
GolemPlus Like P
GolemPlus Love P
Mimic Normal P
Mimic Like P
Mimic Love P
MimicPlus Normal P
MimicPlus Like P
MimicPlus Love P
Elemental Normal P
Elemental Like P
Elemental Love P
ElementalPlus Normal P
ElementalPlus Like P
ElementalPlus Love P
Wyvern Normal P
Wyvern Like P
Wyvern Love P
WyvernPlus Normal P
WyvernPlus Like P
WyvernPlus Love P
Minotaur Normal P
Minotaur Like P
Minotaur Love P
MinotaurPlus Normal P
MinotaurPlus Like P
MinotaurPlus Love P
Seiren Normal P
Seiren Like P
Seiren Love P
SeirenPlus Normal P
SeirenPlus Like P
SeirenPlus Love P
DarkElf Normal P
DarkElf Like P
DarkElf Love P
DarkElfPlus Normal P
DarkElfPlus Like P
DarkElfPlus Love P
Succubus Normal P
Succubus Like P
Succubus Love P
SuccubusPlus Normal P
SuccubusPlus Like P
SuccubusPlus Love P
Medusa Normal P
Medusa Like P
Medusa Love P
MedusaPlus Normal P
MedusaPlus Like P
MedusaPlus Love P
Cyclops Normal P
Cyclops Like P
Cyclops Love P
CyclopsPlus Normal P
CyclopsPlus Like P
CyclopsPlus Love P
DeathKnight Normal P
DeathKnight Like P
DeathKnight Love P
DeathKnightPlus Normal P
DeathKnightPlus Like P
DeathKnightPlus Love P
Demon Normal P
Demon Like P
Demon Love P
DemonPlus Normal P
DemonPlus Like P
DemonPlus Love P
Sabori Normal P
Sabori Like P
Sabori Love P
SaboriPlus Normal P
SaboriPlus Like P
SaboriPlus Love P
Vampire Normal P
Vampire Like P
Vampire Love P
Phoenix Normal P
Phoenix Like P
Phoenix Love P
Dragon Normal P
Dragon Like P
Dragon Love P
Seraph Normal P
Seraph Like P
Seraph Love P
Valkyrie Normal P
Valkyrie Like P
Valkyrie Love P
Kyonshi Normal P
Kyonshi Like P
Kyonshi Love P
KyonshiPlus Normal P
KyonshiPlus Like P
KyonshiPlus Love P
KillerBee Normal P
KillerBee Like P
KillerBee Love P
KillerBeePlus Normal P
KillerBeePlus Like P
KillerBeePlus Love P
SnowPrincess Normal P
SnowPrincess Like P
SnowPrincess Love P
SnowPrincessPlus Normal P
SnowPrincessPlus Like P
SnowPrincessPlus Love P
SeraphPlus Normal P
SeraphPlus Like P
SeraphPlus Love P
Character FS DE P
Character FS HG P
Character FS SD P
Character FS TH P
Character FS EM P
Character Tys P
Character Tys Xmas P